Eye on the World

Lindsay Goodwin’s oil on canvas, Dining at Ladurée, depicts an empty salon de thé in Paris. The tables are double-draped with linens, crisp napkins wait at the ready, goblets sparkle and candles glow on a fireplace mantel, softly illuminating the pastel walls and ceiling. Elegant moments are about to happen.

A Personal Perspective

Charleston oil painter Sue Stewart is as real as the Lowcountry scenes that line the walls of her gallery at State and Chalmers Streets. This Georgia native possesses a talent for painting scenes of the Holy City and its surroundings in a way that few visual artists can.

A Better Place

Michael Paderewski takes you where you’d really rather be

An Artist’s Path

Robert B. Reed, citizen of the world, shares his vision

The Color of Music

Lowcountry audiences will be introduced to some of the world’s leading musicians.