According to Plan

When you enter Faye and Tim Powell’s new home on Daniel Island, you are swept into an open, airy space that invites you to sit down, relax and the watch the dolphins play. The home, located on a corner lot, has a unique floor plan that embraces the water views and integrates them seamlessly with the home’s casual but elegant décor.


Located in Daniel Island Park, the home of Richard and Ellen Kypta has an intriguing, rambling quality. The two hallways and a foyer that branch off its open, central living area create the sense of multiple destinations under one roof.

A Browser’s Paradise

A soon as I walk into Sharon Bruner’s furniture consignment shop on upper Meeting Street, I notice several pieces that remind me of the decorating style called modern baroque. When I talk to Bruner, I realize this is no coincidence. One of her inspirations is Dorothy Draper, one of the world’s first professional interior designers and a pioneer of modern baroque, which came to prominence during the middle of the last century.

Blame It On the Bed Swing

The first time I visited Vintage Porch Swings, I climbed into their display bed swing and was immediately disarmed. I was there to do an interview, but all I really wanted was a book and a blanket.

A Clear Choice

For 20 years, through times of boom and bust, Muhler has polished its sterling reputation for selling and installing high-quality products and following up with unmatched customer service. But despite two decades of dominance in the local window and door market, Muhler is not a name recognized by most Charleston residents.

Location Location

On Short Street in the Old Village of Mount Pleasant, a custom home is being built by a national homebuilder that—until recently—limited its Charleston-area work to master-planned communities.


PURSUING A CAREER IN VIRGINIA MEANT THAT one area couple would have to leave behind their beloved Lowcountry. To make the move more palatable, Graham promised his wife, Nancy, that one day he would bring her back home to the Charleston area to live. Little did Nancy know at the time, it would take her husband 30 years to fulfill his promise.


It’s fitting that dolphins play in the Wando River in full view of the house that Jay and Teresa Yates built. Parents of a 13- and a 10-year-old, the Yates believe firmly in play.


An enclave of creativity is blossoming in central Mount Pleasant and putting the once sleepy strip leading to the beach on the map—literally and figuratively. Anchored by The Boulevard—a sleek apartment complex that offers a host of mixed-use amenities—Coleman Boulevard’s revitalization has brought new life to the area, creating something of a design district for folks hunting for Lowcountry chic with an urban edge.

Southern Comfort

In the South, we take our porch time seriously. It is hallowed ground, where the pace of life slows down. Beverages are sipped, bestsellers are read, and friends reconnect. In such a place, something as simple as a really good nap cures all that ails.


Ajute-wrapped chandelier adorned with beads chosen by the customer. Drum shades wrapped in twine and edged with limpet shells. A brass sconce with long, long tentacles of painted hemp, looking like an exquisite jellyfish momentarily at rest.

Pampered Interiors

When you step into the West Ashley showroom of Circe you feel as if you’re walking into a jewel box of possibilities. Centuries of the past reveal themselves in the present via a timeless combination of beautiful wood, fabric, color and fine details.


As a child, Mount Pleasant native Jerry Tollison would sit contentedly on the floor, taking apart radio receivers and televisions only to put them back together again. His fascination with what created the pictures and sound began early and never ceased. Today, as the owner of Daniel Island Audio/Video, Tollison enjoys bringing cutting-edge technology to his clients.

Center of Attention

Who knew the 1980s were lurking in so many bathrooms? If you’ve still got one of those big, built-in deck tubs, then you might be one of the victims.

The Power of a Vision

Whatever you were doing when you were 8 years old is probably what you should be doing for a living as an adult,” designer Jennifer Patterson says to me.


When Liz and Will Stewart moved south from their home in East Hampton, New York, they took it for granted that they would shop for a site and embark on a new construction. They were tempted, briefly, by a house in Charleston that met all of their specifications, but decided what they really wanted were “the stretches of beach and open skies of Kiawah.”


Wanted: a comfortable yet stylish environment for a family of five children under age 13, including four boys. Must be durable and hard-wearing, yet able to host grown-up gatherings. Needs to accommodate many toys for an active family of seven. Must have brains and beauty.


In style, the house defies classification, drawing on mountains, coastlines, Southern woods and Western grasslands. Its traffic-stopping front porch, in architect Darryl Cobb’s view, “is one big piece of sculpture.”

Tradition with a Twist

Steven Shell is driving. Driving, driving, driving. Six thousand miles he goes, up and down the East Coast and across the southern states, all the while looking for the perfect American town in which to anchor his family and his business. If you live here, you’re already thinking what I’m thinking: “Mount Pleasant is the perfect American town, get out of the car and slurp some oysters with us, bro.” Except maybe you don’t call people “bro,” but I do, and this is my story.

When Precision Counts

Whether you are building a new home or planning a remodeling job, odds are the kitchen is a major area of focus.